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detour MUSIC (our flagship station) is a free form radio station dedicated to taking away the boundaries that have been created in music. No matter if it’s indie or main stream, we play it all: alternative, rap, country, reggae, pop, bluegrass, techno, blues, new age, jazz, oldies, 80s, and more! Whatever we are in the mood for, we play it. Requests are always welcome by using requestNOW! or e-mailing the radio host. We give complete control of the station to the radio host. There is no program director…only complete and total freedom for not only the radio host, but also the listener! As part of our mission to broaden a listener’s musical taste, every host is encouraged to play a variety of musical styles and genres (both main stream and independent). Rather than segregating music into limited boxes, this philosophy is an attempt to entertain the listener while broadening their musical experience. Specialized original and international shows will leave you wondering what you’ll be hearing next.