Submit Music

Thank you for your interest in submitting music to the detour network. As a freeform radio station we play all genres.

Record A Liner For Us!

Record a few liners for the detour network! Your recorded liner(s) will be added to the network to be rotated 24/7 and played at random times. As long as it sounds OK, we’ll probably add it (unlike music submissions that go through a review)! Below are some suggested scripts but feel free to use your own…get creative (up to THREE will be accepted…no more). E-mail to with the subject “liners” when finished. (NOTE: Don’t include a website or any other advertising! The recording must be no more than 5-10 seconds in MP3 or WAV format. Low background music is OK. Keep it FCC clean (no explicit language). We probably won’t confirm if your liner has been added…you’ll have to listen to find out.)

  • “This is ___________ (your first name/nickname) from ___________ (band name/organization) and you’re listening to detour TALK!”
  • “This is ___________ (your first name/nickname) from ___________ (band name/organization) and you’re listening to detour MUSIC!”
  • “This is ___________ (your first name/nickname) from ___________ (band name/organization) and you’re listening to the detour network!”

**PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OR YOUR SUBMISSION MAY BE DISREGARDED** It is important for the guidelines listed below to be followed exactly. Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines are subject to automatic deletion WITHOUT notice. Additionally, we do not confirm if submissions have been added to the station. These guidelines are designed to quickly get your music on the air and maintain accuracy, not to be a burden.

MP3s, WAV, or AAC only! No WMA, MP2, OGG, M4A, ACC.

Here are the following….

  1. The song is encoded in mp3 format at least 96 kbps and preferably no more than 192kps. (Our stations stream at no more than 128kbps and do not require higher bitrates. Higher bitrates waste valuable disk space.)
  3. The song is a clean version (if possible). If the song contains vulgar language by FCC standards, then make sure to mark the song as “dirty” or “unedited.”
  4. Fill out the ID3 tag on the mp3 (where you put the song name, artist name, album name, year, etc.). If you don’t know how to do this, please include the band name and album that the song is from within your e-mail.
  5. PICK YOUR BEST 3 SONGS and send them! Do NOT send us your entire album. We WILL not listen to it all!

Once you’ve taken care of this, you can send your songs to us either by e-mail or snail mail…

To send via e-mail, attach it and send it to

To send via snail mail, send a CD to…

the detour network
PO Box 31201
Knoxville, TN 37930
How long will it take for my music to be added to the stations??

Due to the amount of submissions received, it can take up to 6 months to add your music to the station if you send us a CD through snail mail. If you send us music through e-mail (as a mp3), your music will be added to the station faster. We will not confirm if your music has been added. You’ll have to tune in or check out our Twitter to find out.

[We are not obligated to place your music on any of our stations. We are not obligated to return any correspondence. We reserve the right to reject any music not meeting our submission/editorial standards. If you feel that our submission guidelines are to stringent, you agree to not submit music to our network. You agree that you are a legally authorized representative of the band/artist’s music that you are submitting and that you have permission to submit music on behalf of the band/artist. By submitting music to our network you grant us permission to broadcast your music (both terrestrial and through the internet radio). You also grant us permission to not have to pay royalties to play your submissions. You also agree that submitted music is OK to be broadcast in the USA and not restricted by any treaties, laws, or rules in your foreign land. Please direct any suggestions, comments, or complaints to]