The history….

In 2000, the detour network began as “the new S channel,” a freeform, music radio station playing anything and everything. In 2005, a second station called  “the detour” was launched. This was a talk station promoting various podcasts. In late 2005, “the new S channel” and “the detour” were merged into one station. This station featured both freeform music and progressive/independent talk. In early 2007, the detour was again broken up into two stations, “detour MUSIC” and “detour TALK.” In 2008, “State of Franklin Radio” was launched. The station promotes the live, eclectic entertainment which perform at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN. In 2009, the show “Blues You Can Use” was transformed into a 24/7 internet blues station “detour BLUES.” In 2011, detour BLUES was retired after the station’s creator passed away.


The detour network exists to bring an independent voice to the radio waves of East Tennessee. Most stations in this area are owned by large corporate companies with offices thousands of miles away. They broadcast cookie-cutter stations with generic conservative ideas and “Nashville record company” music. These corporate stations fail to represent a large population of progressives, independents, and minorities that reside in East Tennessee. This area is more than just about country music and conservative ideologies. We enjoy more music than what is found on country or pop radio stations. We hold more opinions than what is found on conservative talk radio stations. We don’t always need to be talked at or down to. We are an independent group of people in the “minority” and deserve a voice just as much as the many satellite fed stations that hog our local radio waves.

How is it that a network with expenses of less than $1,000 a month have been able to become a powerhouse for independent media in East Tennessee? No bureaucracy, no paid staff members, all volunteers, no penthouse offices, no committees, no fancy dinners. In fact, most of the stations’ expenses are paid by a group of people that could be classified below the national poverty line. Why? Because the radio waves belong to the people, not corporate businesses only out to make money!

If your tired of the garbage being pumped through your radio each day and want to make a change, please check out our volunteer opportunities page. You can also help us out financially by becoming a supporting member.

In addition to a strong listening base in East Tennessee, we now attract a worldwide audience thanks to aggressive internet marketing and prominent radio directory placement. detour MUSIC and detour TALK are listed in iTunes Radio and TuneIn radio.

There are many reasons to listen to the detour! Listening to the detour is easy (instructions on how to listen). If you have any questions or comments about the detour, please click here to contact us! Thanks for visiting the detour network, and we hope that you become a regular listener and continue listening.

Freedom of Speech

The detour network is based in the United States of America. We pride ourselves on the freedom of expression. We do not limit our broadcasts to any opinion, viewpoint, or mentality. We never censor our broadcasts and allow FULL freedom of expression. We also invite listeners from countries that have limited freedom of expression rights to get on our stations and express their opinions freely. We will NEVER allow any government, person, corporation, organization, or culture to limit our freedom of expression.