Bonnaroo 2016 Sustainability Recap

Bonnaroo 2016 was successful yet again with their sustainability efforts. Each year the carbon foot print of the festival decreases by new means such as refillable cups and VAC toilets. Thousands of plastic bottles were spared from being deposited into landfills last year due to donated reusable cups. VAC toilets dramatically decreased the amount of water used this year by “flushing” waste with a vacuum system as opposed to using tons of water.

According to Bonnaroo’s 2016 sustainability report, 65% of waste (by weight) was diverted from a landfill. In total, 155 tons of recycling/reuse and 536 tons of wastefood recovery were diverted from a landfill because of CleanVibes volunteers. During the festival, volunteers with CleanVibes maintain waste stations consisting of recycling, compost and landfill containers. Their goal is to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible while teaching attendees about recycling/composting. Only 189 tons of festival waste made it to the landfill in 2016.

One of the beneficiaries of the food recovery efforts was the Grundy County (TN) food bank. The 9 ton food donation was able to provide meals for over 200 families.

If we all took just one extra measure a day to help our planet and mankind, there would be a significant positive difference in our surroundings a behavior towards each other.

It was great seeing the positive sustainability outcomes from last year that will lay the ground for a fruitful and earth friendly Bonnaroo 2017. Can’t wait to see you there!