Do A Show!

Have you ever wanted to get on the radio but haven’t had the opportunity? Well now is your chance to do a radio show HOWEVER YOU WANT. You tell us what you want to do, and we help make it happen. Want to do a music show? No problem! What about a talk show? No problemo! We can make this happen in two ways:

If you don’t want to do a show but do want to get involved, please click here for more information on other volunteer opportunities at the detour.

A live show can be done from  from your own location! All you have to do is have a microphone, a computer, and high speed internet. That’s it! We provide the software and training for you to be able to do your show on the detour network. When considering if you want to do a live show, remember that it is a big commitment. If you have a hard time keeping to a schedule, then a live show may not be for you. Never fear though…we have an alternative!

Recorded shows are a bit easier because you can record it anytime you want before your scheduled time slot. If you mess up, you can also go back and re-record. We provide the resources for you to do and deliver your show for us…all you have to do is create the show.

Why should I put my show on the detour network?

  • promotion for your show: Adding your show to the detour network helps to draw in new listeners. Many listeners tune in from not only from the East Tennessee region, but the world. Approved shows are also given an opportunity to add a few 30 to 60 second promos to a rotation to help promote your show.
  • availability of shows: The detour network features both a dial-up and broadband quality stream, which allows listeners to take advantage of the stream no matter what kind of internet connection they have. Listeners of the detour network simply click a few buttons and are on their way to listening!
  • variety of shows: From music to talk, the weird to the best, the detour network offers it all. Any type of show is welcome on the detour network! We enforce freedom of speech here!
  • reliable time slot assignment: Your show will also be added at a permanent weekly spot, and played at that same time weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Your show may also be featured randomly again during an empty time slot. Your show is required to be updated on a regular basis.

What kind of shows will the detour network NOT take?

potty humor: If your show includes any potty talk (farting, pooping, bathroom talk, burping, etc.), then you can forget it. We are trying to appeal to the more mature, not 3 year olds.

unorganized/silence: Includes any show that has long pauses of silence, or simply nothing to talk about will NOT be considered. All shows are expected to be full of content.

poor sound quality: Includes low volume, a lot of distortion, or low mp3 encoding. (mp3s MUST be encoded at least at 128kbs.)

unreliable shows: Includes shows that fail to be updated on a regular basis without notice. (We understand that sometimes you will go on vacation, be unavailable to produce the show a week, etc. You are responsible for letting the detour to know about your show not being updated. Simply sending an e-mail to “The Supreme Leader” stating that your show will not be updated with a reason will suffice. We will make sure to fill in your spot that week with another show.) Please also understand that sometimes the detour experiences technical difficulties, and your show may not be available. Also understand that if you fail to update your show twice in a row without written notification, that your show will be dropped, and WILL lose your time slot.

Ready to get started? Click here to contact us, including your name, phone number, and show idea…and we will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest in getting on the detour.